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A Broken Promise || Child!Legolas x Child!Reader
[Author's Note: Here's a sad, long playlist for you to listen to while reading: [click here]. Enjoy the fic!]

Your swift, light feet brought you to the vast hallways of the Palace of Mirkwood. They landed on the luxurious marble floors, creating sounds to echo in the empty room. You giggled softly, thinking of a suitable spot to hide in, somewhere even the young Elven prince wouldn't know... Oh!
A thought occurred to you. The garden! It was the last hiding spot Legolas would think you'd hide in. You nimbly sprinted towards the most beautiful place in Mirkwood, your (h/c) hair flowing gracefully in the air. As you ran, you took in your surroundings without being aware of everything else, causing a number of elves, supposedly King Thranduil's servants, to bump into you and lose their balance. “Oomph!”
“Sorry!” you apologised sheepishly, not slowing down your pace and looking back. In this moment, the most cru
:iconshanami1:SHanami1 37 4
As You Wish || Kili x Reader oneshot
The peaceful sound of the river waters streaming down soothed your body, brushing away the feeling of agitation inside of you. Wide baby blue sky was high up above you, with the fluffy cotton-like white clouds decorated it elegantly. Fresh green trees peppered the grassy ground beneath you, with several colourful flowers adorning it. Wild, petite animals wandered around the spacious field in the distance freely, and slowly you took in the stunning environment.
As you cleaned your daggers with a piece of white fabric, you hoped that your mother would be safe at her newly bought house back in Mirkwood. Remembering her smiling, tender face, you grasped your wooden longbow your naneth had given to you tightly. She was an Elf, and like any other she-Elves, she had the features of a goddess; beautiful (s/c) face with perfectly shaped cheekbones, pointy ears and long, braided (h/c) locks. She would constantly attract other Elves because of her beauty; even once the poker-faced King Thr
:iconshanami1:SHanami1 27 8
[FANART] Anna by SHanami1 [FANART] Anna :iconshanami1:SHanami1 13 6 [CONTEST] Marisa Neverland - Chi Cherry by SHanami1 [CONTEST] Marisa Neverland - Chi Cherry :iconshanami1:SHanami1 1 0 [FANART] Rachel Elizabeth Dare by SHanami1 [FANART] Rachel Elizabeth Dare :iconshanami1:SHanami1 10 9 [FANART] Mikasa Ackerman by SHanami1 [FANART] Mikasa Ackerman :iconshanami1:SHanami1 3 0 [FANART] Tinkerbell by SHanami1 [FANART] Tinkerbell :iconshanami1:SHanami1 2 0 [FANART] Armin X Len CrossOver by SHanami1 [FANART] Armin X Len CrossOver :iconshanami1:SHanami1 0 0 [FANART] Enoshima Junko by SHanami1 [FANART] Enoshima Junko :iconshanami1:SHanami1 3 2 [FANART] Hatsune Miku by SHanami1 [FANART] Hatsune Miku :iconshanami1:SHanami1 0 0 [CONTEST] Acchan II by SHanami1 [CONTEST] Acchan II :iconshanami1:SHanami1 0 0 [CONTEST] Acchan by SHanami1 [CONTEST] Acchan :iconshanami1:SHanami1 2 0 [FANART] Doodle of Armin Arlelt by SHanami1 [FANART] Doodle of Armin Arlelt :iconshanami1:SHanami1 7 3 [FANART] Mirai Kuriyama by SHanami1 [FANART] Mirai Kuriyama :iconshanami1:SHanami1 5 3 [TLC] Averin and Eronne by SHanami1 [TLC] Averin and Eronne :iconshanami1:SHanami1 0 0 [OC] Sophia by SHanami1 [OC] Sophia :iconshanami1:SHanami1 1 0
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SVT MEGA RENDER PACK by jaekooks SVT MEGA RENDER PACK :iconjaekooks:jaekooks 232 42
Iron Gates [Shield/Avenger x Reader] pt 11
Lincoln stares at the fiery walls, hands on his hips. “So now what?”
Loki rolls his eyes. “We wait.” He glances at him. “Honestly…is one of your super powers lack of patience?”
Lincoln clenches his jaw. “Oh, I think I’ve been patient enough. Is there some other key to get through here or…?”
“No…and if you will hold yourself a little straighter…taller, less angry…we might get passage sooner.”
Lincoln looks around. “You mean, we’re being watched?”
“Yes! Do not make me regret bringing you.”
You watch your mother begin to pace, and realize that the strange sensation you felt a moment before was felt by her, too. “What is it?” you ask.
She turns to face you and forces a smile. “Nothing, my dear. Where were we?”
You stand up and walk to her. “I felt something…like a pulse…and I know you felt it, too. What’s goi
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 28 54
Iron Gates [Shield/Avenger x Reader] Pt 8
From Chapter 7…
Steve drops his head, shaking it before he looks at Tony. “We know where she is…”
Wake up…wake up, my dear.
One of the three familiar voices fills your ears and you fight against the darkness. Your body is sore and you feel stiff.
Time to rise. It is a new day.
You squeeze your eyes and then open them, slowly, blinking against the light. Your vision is foggy at first and a headache makes you groan.
“There, there, now…you will be all right.”
Lying on your stomach, you fix your gaze across the room.
“Come now, we have much to discuss.”
The warmth of a hand on your back makes you jump. You slowly turn and find a woman with shiny black hair and the most beautiful dark brown eyes you’ve ever seen sitting on the bed. Your mouth drops open, but no words come.
“Hello, daughter,” the woman says, smiling. “It is good to have you home with us.”
You push yourself
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 34 78
Iron Gates [Shield/Avenger x Reader] Pt 7
From Chapter 6…
“Other than the sudden realization that [Name]’s parents may have died from the same reasons that [Name] was sucked through the opening of a smoking, fiery iron gate?”
“I think we may have found something…”
You walk over to the bed and sit, covering your face with your hands. “I just want to go home, please,” you whisper.
Lincoln walks over to where Jemma is sitting and looks over her shoulder at the computer screen.
“Steve, err, Captain Rogers…” she blushes, “mentioned that [Name]’s parents were killed…in a suspicious way?”
“Yeah…she’s never really let it go.”
“I see that. We found some files saved on one of her thumb drives. She was doing her own investigating, and…with the help of the lovely Miss Romanoff, we were able to hack into your hometown’s local police department
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 37 72
Iron Gates [Shield/Avenger x Reader] Pt 4
From Part 3…
Coulson looks at Daisy. “Why did you call me down here?”
Daisy’s mouth drops open. “I didn’t.”
“You didn’t?” He looks back up the stairs.
“No, Coulson…we’ve been down here taking notes and observing a gate that’s no longer here.”
Coulson takes the stairs in twos. “We’ve got to get back in that room!”
Mack and Daisy follow close behind, Mack trying, first, to get to May and Fitz, whilst Daisy tugs on the string hanging from the attic stairs.
Coulson tries again to reach for the doorknob, getting tossed back again, and making Daisy and Mack stare at him in shock.
You begin to sweat, pushing with all your might against the gate. “You can’t open with me in here by myself.”
Don’t fight it. You belong with us.
It’s too soon!
It’s too late!
You scream as you push, your feet sliding behind you.
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 33 69
Iron Gates [Shield/Avenger x Reader] Pt 3
From Part 2:
“We’ll take it from here,” Coulson says.
“But I want to go. I need to see it.”
“[Name], you’re not equipped. You need to be in safety wear,” Fitz offers.
You stare at the door ahead. “I didn’t need it before.” You start to take a step forward, but Lincoln grabs your elbow.
“And what if it starts screaming again?”
“I need to go.” You feel compelled, and even though it scares you, you begin to move forward.
“No,” Lincoln whispers, holding tightly to you. “We called them to help for a reason.”
“We’ve got extra suits in the van,” Daisy says. “Why don’t we go get you and Lincoln in them?”
“What if it goes away again?”
“We don’t have time for this,” May adds. “Daisy, take Lincoln and get him suited up. Something tells me [Name] will be fine. If anything happens, we’ll take
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 33 76
Iron Gates [Shield/Avenger x Reader] Pt 2
From Part One...
You turn, following his gaze to his car. All four tires are deflated, and all of the windows are broken. You tremble. “What’s happening? Ghosts?”

“I don’t know, but…we’re going to find out.” He pulls his phone free, thankful that it seems to be in working order. He taps the screen with this thumb a couple of times and puts it up to his ear. “Hey… yeah, I found…something I think you might want to see…”
“So now what do we do?” you ask.
“We wait for them. They’ll be here soon.”
The front door slams shut behind you on its own, and smoke starts pumping out of the hole left by the doorknob. You look at Lincoln and swallow. “Let’s wait somewhere else?”
“Yep.” He takes your hand and you jog down the steps. “Know any of your neighbors, yet?”
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 30 48
I Need U {Chapter 1} [BTS Suga x Reader]
I had always liked her. Well, not always that way, but she was a pleasant sight to see in our normally bland environment. The “same old, same old” suddenly brightened up when V had run into her on the street. The story was, he’d almost knocked her down -being as 4D as he is, he’d spaced out thinking of who knows what- and, thankfully, caught her at the last second. He said she apologized profusely and shyly said she’d just moved into town. He answered her questions about directions, and gave her his number. We were all quite horrified when he told us this, because she might give the entire world his number and we’d be in for the biggest lecture EVER. Blatantly denying the accusation, Taehyung said she seemed like the type of person to keep secrets, and that she was also one of the most beautiful girls he has ever seen.
The next day we found out he was right. She was gorgeous, to be completely honest.
She had texted him and asked if he’
:iconfangirlfever22:fangirlfever22 50 6
First Day on the Job - Steve x Reader [Teenage AU]
~~~Author's Note: Probably Gonna Be A Series Loosely Related on My New Job Life before School Starts. Crossovers will happen. :) ~~~

Rubbing your eyes from tears produced from waking up early, you already missed your bed. In front of you, your new boss Nick Fury was showing you around. Half-heartedly you listened to his specific instructions. You were so tired. Probably sleeping at two in the morning wasn’t your smartest decision considering this was your first job EVER.
‘Remind me why I took a job on summer vacation?’ You nearly tripped on your own two feet. ‘Ah, right. Because I’m broke like MC Hammer.’

You and someone else yawned from the huge office. It didn’t talk a genius to figure out all the other people huddled into their tiny cubicles were tired as well. It was the typical Monday Blues.
Surprisingly Fury didn’t seemed affected at all.
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 137 33
in which Harry and Draco become bros by viria13 in which Harry and Draco become bros :iconviria13:viria13 18,117 1,096
Bubblegum (Harry Potter x Reader)
He had seen her from his place on the couch, the couch where evidently he grouped with Ron and Hermione as usual for their homework and studies for the next day’s lessons. All thoughts of what Professor Binns had lectured in History of Magic over the Giant wars that day flew out of his head as Harry watched __________ chew that pale pink wad of bubblegum.
__________ at the time had been looking at a book which laid flat at the table she sat at with Ginny who was over her left side. __________’s left hand rested over her left cheek, her tongue darted out coated in the same color of the gum she chewed at when she blew a perfect shaped bubble, her right hand lazily turned the page as the bubble popped it’s remains covering her lowered lip before she parted her lips and her tongue darted out again. The tip was now pointed slightly to retreat the bit of broken bubblegum back into her mouth to be chewed on once again before producing yet another bubble, thi
:iconeroticincubi:EroticIncubi 479 17
In Love? (Draco Malfoy x Granger!Reader)
Draco Malfoy in love with a Muggleborn?
That was laughable.
He, Draco Malfoy the Slytherin Prince, absolutely did not have feelings for a certain (h/c) that resided in the Gryffindor house. He absolutely did not.
He did not steal glances at her. Nor did he watch her as she laughed at her sister, Hermione, and their friends’ antics.
No, he absolutely did not do any of those things.
… Then why when she spoke, does his voice get caught in his throat? Or why he’s always rendered Immobulus when she looked at him? Why he can’t throw her a witty comeback whenever she insults him?
She is his mortal enemy. Someone that he is supposed to loathe because she is nothing more than a filthy Muggleborn like her brainy sister.
And yet he can’t stop this feeling that builds in his heart for her.
The scandal it would cause if anyone ever found out his feelings…
But he couldn’t help it. He hated feeling this way for her. But there was no denying it. No matter how
:iconriri1148:riri1148 678 127
Date night (Steve x Reader) One-shot
'Come on, come on, come on!’ you mumbled, stretching your body further than was possible to reach the remote that had fallen on the ground. You could feel the edges with your fingertips, but couldn’t quite reach it.
    ‘You should really get off that couch and go shower, [Name]. It’s Saturday night,’ your roommate commented, watching you making a fool out of yourself, still wearing your pyjama’s even though it was already late in the afternoon. ‘Sarah and I are going out for a date night. You should come along.’
    You sighed loudly. ‘You know I don’t like to go out, Amy.’
    ‘I know, but they have a special speed dating night at the bar around the corner and you’ve been laying on this couch in your pyjama’s every Saturday night ever since you and Ryan broke up. It’s time to move on.’
    ‘I’m w
:iconsavrom:savrom 293 132
If tomorrow never comes (Steve x Reader) Part 2
2014, New York (alternate universe) – A few months after the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Drops of melted snow continuously fell on Steve’s forehead, spreading a loud echo through his head. The wind cut through his clothing and froze him to the bone. He had no memory of what had happened, but when he opened his eyes he knew something was wrong.
    As he let his gaze pass his surroundings he saw the ruins of what had once been the Avengers Tower scattered around him. He slowly pushed himself from the ground, feeling the shattered glass and gravel underneath his palms. He swallowed hard, making his way through the debris of the tower, trying to make sense of what had happened. Sirens could be heard around him, while bright lights from helicopters above skewered the broken building and what had once been a vibrant and busy city.
    It was all gone.
    Panic overwhelmed Steve; a
:iconsavrom:savrom 113 74
Dancing Quartet (Thranduil x Reader) One-Shot
Dancing Quartet
    "The King will be overseeing the training himself!" _____'s melodic voice almost sang the words. "It is the highest of honors bestowed upon my family's name." It was true, King Thranduil would be teaching _____ how to properly manipulate old healing spells. To say that this news stirred a low buzzing commotion within the palace halls was placing it lightly.
    The King had come across her latent talent as she sacrificed herself in healing her poisoned sister. _____ could have easily lost her own light had it not been for Thranduil. It was admirable of her to use old healing techniques, and impressive that she could tap into such roots, but foolhardy. She had never healed before; and warriors only knew the basics of first aid if a situation was ever dire.
    "Forgive me, _____.” Tauriel spun her dagger in hand. “I am not as joyous with this news. He is taking one of my best." The Silvan jested with the
:iconaora-li:Aora-Li 115 29
Into The West (Legolas x Reader)
(A/N: Here is the link to the song:
For the first time in his life, Legolas was shaking. Afraid. His hands and boots were bloodied, his quiver empty. Through the piles of stinking, festering orc and human corpses, he searched for you. You were never supposed to be on the battlefield, but he knew how you felt about leaving the men to do everything, while you stayed back home, cowering. Somehow, Legolas knew that you would be here.
Pelennor Field was vast, but never so for Legolas. He was on a mission. If he had to, he would search all of Middle Earth to make sure you were okay. But, you weren't.
From only a small ways away, Legolas heard a loud, hacking cough. Legolas tried to keep himself composed as his chest tightened, and ran toward the sound. When he noticed whose body it was attempting to move in a small patch of bloodied grass, he threw his broken bow to the side, collapsing into whatever clear patch of ground there was left. Legolas had found you, l
:iconwulferious:Wulferious 108 25
dem arts.





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"Every story has an end, but in life every ending is just a new beginning."

Hey there! My name's Hana, and my friends usually call me either that or Hana Banana. I live in Australia, though I'm Indonesian. I love art! Painting, crafting, writing, everything. I draw both digitally and manually, but I often just doodle around and not be productive lol. Reading, drawing and writing are my main hobbies, and don't forget being on the computer as well!

I'm multifandom. I love Marvel, the Tolkien universe, Attack on Titan and basically anything anime, Harry Potter, and more.

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Hello! I just want you to know that if I favourited your artwork/s and you've commented "Thank you for the fave" on my profile or something, I want to say you are welcome! I don't want you to think that I've ignored you, I actually didn't. You all really deserve the fave.

If you favourited/commented on my artwork/s and I haven't messaged/commented "Thank you for the fave" on your profile or something, I want to say thank you very much! It really means a lot to me.

And thank you for taking your time reading this!

-Hana / SHanami1
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